How to Make Denim Skirt from Old Jeans

Be that crabby old pair of jeans in the closet behind, and use them to make a fabulous denim skirt. It not only saves money, but it will lead to one of a kind piece that is adapted to fit the unique style. Reservation jeans skirt from old jeans is possible without a pattern. However, the formula to create a guide that facilitates sewing. The formulas can be found in most craft stores, but the model is easy to do in just a few basic sewing tools. Instructions


  • Look for jeans that still fit at the waist.Jeans can be holes or out of fashion.Put the jeans, and then calculate your hands at your sides. Mark the area where the index fingers hit. This is one of the most flattering length skirt; You can make a skirt, as long as you want.
  • Assemble a pair of jeans is a flat surface and measure from the bottom hem chalk mark. Mark the line size jeans feet.With the help of a ruler sewing straight lines.
  • Cutting jeans feet off the chalk lines. Set aside the pieces.
  • Turn the jeans inside out and cut along the seams of both legs.Place seam ripper hook spiral branch.Rip the seam crotch zipper seam ripper. This had two small flaps.
  • Insert one disc over the other to flatten the zipper area.PIN canvas flaps down.

Reservation Model

  • Place a piece of wrapping paper between the front and rear pair of jeans.A piece of wrapping paper must comply with the opening of the triangle created by the jeans legs.
  • Do not rely on one foot inside. Use a pencil to trace the feet to catch the wrapping paper along the edges until you get into the second leg to the bottom.Close the triangle slightly curved line connecting the ends of the legs. Remove the wrapping paper. You should have a triangular diagram.
  • Track down more than half a triangular ruler to make sure the lines are straight.Draw a 1/2-inch seam allowance around the outside of the triangle lines.Cut pattern around the seam allowance lines and mark pattern “Front.”
  • Repeat steps 1 to 3 on the rear panel of this Section jeans and name it “Back.”


  • Take your foot off the tracks to set aside the past and turn it inside out.Cut the seam along the side of the foot piece and gives piece flat.
  • Draws a triangular pattern foot piece, so that the pattern is at the top of the fabric seam. Design edges of the pin so that the pins are parallel to the edges. Cut the edges of the denim pattern.Repeat the process on the back panel model.
  • Remove the pins and fabric pattern on the front panel and slide the jeans in front of the floor panel.
  • Secures the panel’s jeans pins positioned about an inch apart. Do not attach a parallel edges; rather, to draw perpendicular, so that you can sew a straight pins.
  • Press the foot switch Attach the pins of the needle and the crotch seam to the top. Terminated just before the curved skirt and hand-sew the last few stitches. Sew the skirt at the top of the flaps. Then sew down the panel.
  • Repeat steps 1-5 on the rear panel of this period. Turn out to the right side of the skirt. Enter the fray the edges of the skirt, of course.

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